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Links to Other Chess Sites

General Interest

Tim Krabbe's Chess Curiosities
No longer updated, this is the companion website to the book of the same name by the Dutch writer. It contains a large number of articles on a rich assortment of unconventional topics. Highly entertaining.

Edward Winter's Chess Notes
The website of a chess historian with a rigorous approach to historical evidence. Contains a wealth of information on chess history and debunks a number of myths along the way.

Douglas Griffin Soviet Chess Blog
Douglas Griffin is a chess historian from Scotland. His particular interest is chess in the Soviet Union. It contains a wealth of rare and fascinating material including many translations by Douglas himself of notes to their games by the leading Soviet players.

Agadmator's Chss Channel
The YouTube channel of Antonio Radic from Croatia. He presents a new game daily either from a current grandmaster tournament or as part of a number of ongoing series on historical themes. Each video lasts about 15 minutes. The commentary is pitched at a fairly elementary level suitable for newcomers.

GM Daniel King's channel. Similar to Agadmator but he generally concentrates on current and recent events and he analyses in greater depth.

Lomonosov Endgame Tablebases
Enter any position with 7 men or fewer to get a 100% correct evaluation of that position. These positions have been completely solved and this tool is driven by the database containing the solutions.

News and Information

The Week in Chess (TWIC)
Updated daily, TWIC offers comprehensive coverage of international and UK events with weekly downloadable files of games played in a wide variety of events.

English Chess Federation
The website of the governing body for chess in England

ECF Grading Database
The definitive source of up to date grade grading information on English players. Fully searchable.

365 Chess
An enormous database of games fully searchable and dowloadable with on-screen playback. Anyone you've heard of is likely to be included.

West Country Chess

Exeter Chess Club
Contains a large collection of training materials gathered together by Dave Regis

Somerset Chess
The website of the Somerset County Chess Association. Gerry Jepps's elegant design was the starting point for the lay-out of this site. We are extremely grateful to him for his help and encouragement and for giving us permission to use some of his code here.

Dorset Chess
The website of the Dorset County Chess Association

Bristol and District League
The website of the Bristol and District League

Gloucestershire Chess
The website of the North Gloucestershire Chess League

Hampshire Chess
The website of the Hampshire County Chess Association

Wiltshire Chess
The website of the Wiltshire County Chess Association

Keverel Chess
Bob Jones's website, the stated aims of which are to cover chess in the Exmouth district but which in fact contains a wealth of interesting material about chess in the west country

Last updated 2/8/2019