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Meeting Night
Venue (Map)
Bickford Smith Bowling Club
TR14 8RG
Secretary and Treasurer
Richard Smith
Tel: 01326 561944 (h) 07549 185955 (m)
Club Championship organiser
Ian George
Tel: 07890 133221
County Shield
Team Captain
Jeff Nicholas
Tel: 01209 715067
Roberts Cup
Team Captain
Colin Sellwood
Tel: 01209 216135
500 League
Team Captain
Richard Smith
Tel: 01326 561944 (h) 07549 185955 (m)
A. W. Busby Cup
Team Captain
Jeff Nicholas
Tel: 01209 715067
Roger Grime Cup (U135)

Camborne are not entering a team in the Roger Grime Cup for 2017/18

About the club

The club meets at 7.30 p.m. on Fridays at the Bickford Smith Bowling Club in Tuckingmill from October to March and welcomes new members from beginners to experienced players. If you want to play chess, whatever your level of ability or experience, we enter teams in all the county league and cup competitions and organise a club championship and other internal competitions. If you just want to play practice games in a friendly atmosphere, you will be made very welcome whether you are a member or not.

Members and visitors to the club should approach the bowling pavilion gate via the tarmac drive and not the shortcut to/from the car park beside the fence as this is poorly lit and can be slippery in wet or freezing conditions.

For more information please contact:

Richard Smith 01326 561944 (h) 07549 185955 (m)
Ian George 07890 133221
Colin Sellwood 01209 216135

Team News

The latest league results and current league tables are here

Board scores of all matches are here

A member writes...

"I learned to play chess as a child, playing only socially. After a break of 20 years, I started playing online and, after a couple of years, decided that I'd like to try over-the-board chess in a club. I acquired the contact e-mail address for Camborne club from this site and, following brief correspondence, turned up one Friday evening.

I received a warm welcome and joined in the informal quickplay games being played. At the end of the evening, I was asked to play in a match the following week. Nothing could better sum up the inclusive and encouraging nature of the club than this: the team captain actually gave up his place in the line-up for me to play. Several members have joined since I did and I have seen this basic pattern repeat itself.

It's a great club to join - please come along!"

David Jenkins

Last updated 8/7/2018

Friday Night Calendar 2018/19

Please note that, on all the dates below, except when there is no meeting, the club will be open for anyone to come and play, whether they are involved in the event or not.

07/09 Annual General Meeting
14/09 No meeting
26/10 Club Championship, Rd.1
07/12 Club Championship, Rd.2
14/12 Christmas QP
28/12 No meeting - Christmas
01/02 Club Championship, Rd.3
15/03 Club Championship, Rd.4
The following meetings and matches will take place at Centenary Chapel
19/04 No meeting: Good Friday
03/05 Club Championship, Rd.5

Graded players (ECF list 2017)
  JUL 2017 JAN 2018
James Hooker 178 178 181 181
Ian George 167 162 (E) 167 175
Colin Sellwood 155 153 149 153
Richard Smith 153 154 156 151
Jeff Nicholas 140 142 (E) 141  
Martin Pope 138 146 (E) 135  
John Wilman 136 142 (E) 137  
Anton Barkhuysen 118 123 (E) 118  
Thomas Oates 102 68 107 106
Philip Spargo 98 99 (E) 99 109
Conner Mitchell 40 (E) 40 (E)    
Conor Hicks 50 (E) 50 (E)    
Brent Cole 50 (E) 50 (E)    

Club Champions
2017/18 Ian George
2016/17 Colin Sellwood
2015/16 David Saqui
2014/15 Mark Watkins
Robin Kneebone
2013/14 Mark Watkins
2012/13 Mark Watkins
2011/12 Not held
2010/11 Not held
2009/10 Not held
2008/09 Not held
2007/08 Ian George
Philip Williams
2006/07 Not held
2005/06 Ian George
2004/05 Philip Willliams
2003/04 Ian George
2002/03 Bas Geelhoed
2001/02 Ian George
2000/01 Philip Hutchings
1999/00 Ian George
1998/99 Ian George
1997/98 Philip Williams
1996/97 Roland Cole
1995/96 Ian George
1994/95 Philip Williams
1993/94 Philip Williams
Philip Hutchings
1992/93 Ian George
Roland Cole
1991/92 Ian George
1990/91 Ian George
Roland Cole
1989/90 Not held
1988/89 Not held
1987/88 Ian George
1986/87 Philip Williams
1985/86 Jeff Nicholas
1984/85 Philip Williams
Roger Grime
1983/84 Philip Williams
1982/83 Ian George
1981/82 Jeff Nicholas
1980/81 Roger Grime
1979/80 Nick Cummings

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